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Art & Animation:

 Observing and Engaging with Nature


I see a world where the transformative power of art

and the creative problem solving of science blossom together.


Does you have important information to share? Animated media is a powerful tool for grabbing attention and demonstrating complex subjects.


I have years of experience creating compelling animated media. Clients include HBO Family, Children’s Hospital,  Marriott and Department

of Health and Human Services.


How can I help you?




              2d Animation

              Interactive Design

Are you looking to add to your art collection? My drawings and woodcuts are a perfect compliment to add beauty and serenity to your home or office environment.


My work is characterized by a strong sense of design, rich colors and a singular focus. Let me know what interests you.


Drawings, Woodcuts, Paintings, Collage

Creating content for children? Want to grab their attention? Looking for something colorful even if you have a serious message? Speaking to kids has been the hallmark of my career as an animator and designer. Child-friendly Illustration has been the foundation of my work.


Illustrations are available for print, online and broadcast applications.

Technology Workshops

Are you looking for ways to engage your students in meaningful activities with technology? Do you have lessons you'd like them to explore with art and animation. It's a great way for students to demonstrate proficiency as well as explore options and consequences.


I am passionate about helping kids become content creators....not just content consumers.


Let me know how I can help your student expand their skill set and become effective digital communicators.





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