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Fine Art

Kristin Reiber Harris

For the past three years, my art making has been creating interactive, animated re-imagined art to introduce young children to art objects and encourage them to explore the work. Other interactive projects have original artwork. I am a firm believer that art tells a story and that it can always be changing.
Dive into the alphabet and delight to animated art treasures. Kids love to pick their favorite letters, over and over again. That's when the fun and the learning begin. Enhanced interactivity and eleven new puzzles.
 ABC.DC: An Art Alphabet
ABC.DC: An Art Alphabet app developed by iArt4kidz
Animated and interactive farm animals tell a very special story. Illustrated with ancient sculpture from China and Egypt, children love this timeless tale of friendship and the pursuit of happiness.
Duck Takes A Ride: An Art Story
preschool app developed by iArt4Kidz, Duck Takes A Ride

"My three year old was captivated by it and navigated the story easily. The whole thing is beautifully designed."

Martha Johnson, Director, Maier Museum of American Art at Randolph College

"This combination of realistic photography and interactive animation

will help fuel young children’s imaginations

as they prepare for museum visits."

Kirkus Reviews


"It is quite cute. Well done!"

Danae Hutson, Portland Art Museum

 Pick a game and then pick a player. Learn about artwork from all over the world. The games include matching, mimicking, storytelling and global exploration.
 I Can Do That! A Kids World Art Game
I Can Do That: A Kids World Art Game, an iOS app developed by iArt4kidz
 Bees are always busy. Not today. The Bees Take Off but they also buzz, a lot and just about everywhere. Cecilia is always busy playing, no days off for her. Four stories in English and Spanish.  Bees Buzz & Lions Roar/Las abejas zumban y los leones rugen
Bees Buzz & Lions Roar, iOS app developed by iArt4kidz

Birds are everywhere and how we love them, so much fun to watch.

These birds will play along while your child practices matching, puzzles,

shape recognition, numbers and free play.

A Bunch of Birds